Here is an onboard air compressor I built for my Jeep, after I was looking for an alternative to the standard 12V air compressor that was over heating and took ages to inflate all wheels. I was looking for a solution that can not only go up to 200Psi but also can operate air tools Read More

SW - Air_nxn

This is a build I have been working on for some time. I have been more or less keeping a blog of my efforts on 4x4Earth.com where one of the administrators of this site saw it and ask I’d be willing to share it with this comunity, which I am more than happy to. I’m not Read More


Since I sold my Grand Cherokee WJ and its roof rack, I was wondering what to do about the JK with its plastic-fiberglass roof. The original plan was to adapt the WJ steel roof rack and build it to fit the Wrangler, What turned out to be harder work then to build a new one. Read More


I have been thinking for a while about making my own rear storage drawers and have been browsing the web looking at various options. Armed with some great ideas I decided to buy a small mig welder that came up on Gumtree for $75 and teach myself to weld. After a lot of burning of Read More


Citroen 2CV chassis have few weak spots that needs to be attended, especially is you are planning an off road adventure. It is most recommended to reinforce the chassis before your take your 2cv off-road and I choose to begin with the front part of the chassis, where it carries the engine one side and Read More


If you have a citroen 2CV, and you are planning an off road adventure, it is most recommended you will install a guard for the oil sump. I was browsing the internet looking for ideas and inspiration for a design I like, and found this “ICI COMMENCE L’ADVENTURE” 2cv PO preparation guide from May 1984 Read More


Few months ago I bought an ARB 50L refrigerator. A quick look in the ZJ trunk was the proof I needed in order to understand that a trunk drawer’s project is required. I decided that the spare wheel will be relocated on an external spare tire carrier so I can use all of the ZJ Read More

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