Are that you a undergraduate and you are therefore running out of a moment possess a dissertation to share? Once you are likely concerned the fact that the application payment date would meet up with that you till you might have going blogging the dissertation. Have to to be concerned any more as is available Read More


As many of you know my daughter is an insulin dependent (type 1) diabetic. If her insulin gets warm it stops working. Today I built a solar powered generator. It will if necessary power an ARB 12v refrigerator if we have a prolonged power outage at home. It will also work as a power station Read More


This is the platform that was choosen for the build: trailer got bead blasted! I cleaned off about 100 pounds of ground glass from the media blaster, primed and sprayed rubberized undercoating on the bottom. Next step is to prime the rest of it. My wonderful neighbor Tim helped me stand it up on end Read More

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