avner roof top tent

The following project attracted my mind for quite some time, mainly because I get bored quite easily and perhaps because I just hate spending time setting up a tent when the day ends and the beer awaits in my fridge. What’s is it about? The tent’s floor will be established with two wooden plates, interconnected Read More


(The “WOTHAHELLIZAT: CONSTRUCTION DIARY – PART 1″ is available here.) 2 aug 1999 The engineer came today. I can build a truck body without involving an engineer, but I do need a certificate from one to get the truck registered so it seems reasonable to involve him during the project. He came, had a quick Read More

Rob Gray-Wothahellizat Mk2_files2

“Wothahellizat” is a 38-year-old army truck. Rob and Chris Gray bought the truck in 1997 and spent three years turning it into Australia’s largest and weirdest off-road motor home. Then in 2007/8 they rebuild it into a smaller version (Wothahellizat Mk2). It’s from the deck of this vehicle (yes a patio folds out from the Read More


DIY Baby  barbeque smoker project After many hours of research on Google, YouTube and consulting with my friends, I decided to go for a Baby barbeque smoker style called “reverse flow offset”. You can see the figures, the distribution of temperatures in both types of designs. Central braces (3-5 mm) absorbs heat and radiates it Read More


ON BOARD AIR SYSTEM ON A DEFENDER 110 Motivation On board air system are much more than tire inflation, this can be achieved with a decent portable compressor, but if you want an air gun or power tool you will need a good on board air system that will supply a good air flow (at Read More

Undergrads considering a higher degree should really already know just than a well-written papers within whatever academic level may make as well as crack GPA scores, staff ideas, and even perhaps affect graduating, thereby create a positive change about potential employment opportunities too. Academic documents whether doctor’s dissertations as well as dissertation newspapers are large Read More


Here is my expedition truck ultimate cooking stove setup!   If you like to combine off-roading with great cooking like me, you know for sure that refueling your cooking stove setup can be a pain in the butt. Propane gas bottles needs refueling and you never find the right time to take it to a Read More

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Installing a full size intercooler on a TDI 200/300 Motivation The standard intercooler in mounted on the left side of the Radiator (driver’s side in a left hand drive vehicle), its a small radiator that cools the air that flow via the turbo to the engine. the cooler the air is, the more Oxygen molecules Read More

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