After my RIP beautifully well built ZJ was stolen, I upgraded to Jeep WJ and the building process began. So, What’s on my list? Rear bumper with swing-away spare tire carrier. Water tank which will take the original place of the spare tire on the floor at the bottom of the trunk. A Set of drawers Read More


A client of mine crashed his Dodge Ram into another car and smashed the original plastic bumper beyond repair. Now he was looking to replace the plastic bumper with something that can survive the next crash and leave all the damage to the other car… So a better front bumper was required, but because the Read More

Are that you a undergraduate and you are therefore running out of a moment possess a dissertation to share? Once you are likely concerned the fact that the application payment date would meet up with that you till you might have going blogging the dissertation. Have to to be concerned any more as is available Read More


As many of you know my daughter is an insulin dependent (type 1) diabetic. If her insulin gets warm it stops working. Today I built a solar powered generator. It will if necessary power an ARB 12v refrigerator if we have a prolonged power outage at home. It will also work as a power station Read More

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