Here is a Camper structure that I built for my Citroen Acadiane. The structure (wooden structure, excluding mattresses) installation doesn’t require drilling any holes in the bodywork, it is mountable / removable in 15 minutes work or less. The interlocking structure consists of 3 pieces + 4 small shelves. The wooden structure was tailored by Read More


Citroen 2CV chassis have few weak spots that needs to be attended, especially is you are planning an off road adventure. It is most recommended to reinforce the chassis before your take your 2cv off-road and I choose to begin with the front part of the chassis, where it carries the engine one side and Read More


This folded BBQ grill is flat and doesn’t take any space in your trunk, and can be assembled and ready to use in no time! it’s very easily assembled, and a great product! Fabrication files & drawings available here.

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