Here is the final product what ive done in last few days.

All just to supply 300 amp of agm batterys to run 2x Engel fridge freezer so one hust for fridge one as freezer .. for when we hit the road next year for a year or 2… so as can see set it up with full redarc bcdc with solar input and also have 240v for when station in one place .. runs a 200w solar panel . And 25 amp redarc bcdc.

As you know they have there own inbuilt solar regulator. Plus 30 amp 240v 8 stage battery charger.all wiring is 6b&S. A few circuit brakers and fuse box.

This is all setup in my canopy back on my patrol gu td42ti diesel coil cab .

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  1. Nice set up.mlove the neat tidy & well supported wiring. What brand are the fridge trays?

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