Few months ago I bought an ARB 50L refrigerator. A quick look in the ZJ trunk was the proof I needed in order to understand that a trunk drawer’s project is required. I decided that the spare wheel will be relocated on an external spare tire carrier so I can use all of the ZJ trunk for the setup. The setup will include a 50L stainless Steele water tank (50L should be enough for shows and dish washing ) that will be located between the rear seat and the drawers when taking into consideration the slope of the rear seat. The drawers frame dimensions are 100cm wide, 70cm deep and 65cm high. All drawers can be pulled out completely using heavy duty bearing rails. I decided to use Aluminum for the frame, the drawers and the drawer covers. The drawers are build from a 4mm Aluminum 5052 so they can carry the weight required. After the plan was completed, we sent the files for CNC cutting and bending, and purchased a 20lb. rails for the big drawer, and 100lb. for the small drawer Meanwhile, we began building the frame:


The refrigerator drawer was powder coated in grey, and for locking the drawer in closed position we used this latch:


The latch female was milled and attached to the frame by rivnuts.


Now, the refrigerator drawer is sliding in and out and can be locked in place when closed.


Meanwhile, all parts arrived from CNC so we put all together:


After all put together, we placed the drawers in the trunk of my ZJ and secured them to place with this stainless Steele tension bolt & chain. The chain is connected to a S type hook and to the securing original D rings in the trunk so no drilling or cutting the vehicle is required J


Here is my final result:



The drawers frame will be covered with a special mat that will fit the colors of the intern, and will give a better isolation. I use this drawers set in the following method: Folding table and 2 chairs are strapped on top of the rack using the special modular locking rings stripe that enables me to tie and secure lots of stuff over there. On both sides of rack and the car I shove my sleeping bags and small bags. The water tank is operated by an electric pump with pressure stat.

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