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Two and a half minutes after I sold my Subaru BRZ started looking for replacement. the Subaru was no doubt a great car, but unfortunately she had a very serious problem for me. It was too expensive.

I found myself driving gently, Each leaf resting on its roof sent me to the car wash. I could not stop worrying about her.

Now, my requirements quite basic, rear-wheel drive, manual gear low cost and structural strength. So suddenly rose a very old idea – turning a pick-up to aN enjoyable driving tool. It sounds simple…

The die was cast in the end on a single cabin Isuzu petrol – inspection found he had a fairly easy life, at least until now, and is in excellent condition. Relatively…

The chassis itself is clean and straight no significant rust anywhere. Beautiful cabin (except number of fractures) and most importantly all mechanical systems for health and wellness.

So everything rosy?

not really no. This is still a 22-year-old pickup truck and a list problems is almost as long as his bed. All the vents in the passenger compartment and a few more things in the cabin are broken

Under the hood its better, and I am surprised every time when I see all the holders of the original pipes are there, holding on. There are two significant problems under the hood. One is of wiper water container, or rather the electric motor. The second issue should be dealt with malfunctioning carburetor at low revs.

Beyond that, things are good, thank you. The truck serves me every day from the moment of purchase.

What’s the plan?

This is an excellent question. I currently do not really know. First of all we will take care of the problems mentioned and bring it to a sound base. Then there are two ways to proceed; the baja way or the drift way. its going to be long, difficult and expensive. And I’m still undecided. If you have an idea or preference – i would love to hear!

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