My water tank on a Patrol story. In order to make the wife happier on the ‘more than one day’ trips a daily shower is needed. Therefore I decided to go on a water tank for the patrol. The setup: under body stainless steel tank, 12V pump, flexible hose and a small shower head. Once I got the tank drawing in Soildworks, I sent the files to a stainless steel workshop that can supply the material, do the cutting by laser the bending according to the drawings.


About 2 weeks after, I got the shell parts ready to be welded:


Welding stainless steel can be done at home by an amateur welder using an electronic welder and a stainless steel rod. I decided welding this tank is over my capabilities, so I took the job to a professional workshop. Before stating to put the shell together I bought at a local hardware store: 3 X 3/4″ BSP Female x Female stainless-steel Coupling 2 X 3/4″ BSP x 19mm stainless-steel Hosetail 1 X 3/4″ BSP Hydraulic blanking plug 30 cm of a 1 1/2 stainless-steel pipe 60 cm of a 3/4 stainless-steel pipe It took the guy a bout 2 hours to complete welding the shell, do the holes and weld all the pipes and plumbing. To avoid corrosion of the inner weld, while welding the shell the joins were covered in tape and argon gas was pumped into the tank.


Welding the mounts


Almost done:


Welding completed


Once the shell, pipes and plumbing’s was all done I took the tank for a test fit on the car (Yes. I know the right shock is leaking)


It was a perfect fit. Then I marked the holes for the 3 mounts, and drilled the holes. I Made the holes a bit bigger than was on drawings for an easier fit, 12mm front mount, 18mm side and rear mounts. Had to grind the rear mount to fit with the car’s bracket


Getting the side mount bolted is a bit tricky, there is very little room for holding the nut, but by using a nice trick I learned a while ago it was rather simple: first you insert the washer right above the hole, than by fixing the nut to an open spanner using electric tape.


You can locate the nut in place and just screw in the bolt, once tightened you pull the spanner out.


Once I got the tank mounted, I started working on getting the water out of the tank. Earlier I got on Ebay a 12V FloJet LF122202, small filter, PERKO water tank filler cap, PVC water hose and some fittings. The cap was installed above the fuel filler cap.


I fabricated a mount for the pump.


And there will be water:





If you like my build you can get the  water tank plans for free at the shop section.

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