A client of mine crashed his Dodge Ram into another car and smashed the original plastic bumper beyond repair.

Now he was looking to replace the plastic bumper with something that can survive the next crash and leave all the damage to the other car… So a better front bumper was required, but because the accident was covered by the clients insurance the budget must be kept as low as possible, without exceeding the price of the new original bumper.

The bumper fabrication filers were sent to laser cutting and metal bending.

After few days the parts arrived:


We started putting the puzzle together, tacking one part to the other:


And welding all parts together:


Installing the flashers bracket:


And now, the bumper’s brackets:

IMG_20141201_194541IMG_20141201_195128IMG_20141201_195541 (1)

When the work was done, we send the bumper for galvanizing and powder coating.

Now, this RAM is ready to tackle anything that stands in his way!


When the work was done, we sent the bumper for galvanizing, powder coating and installation by the client himself – with help from the future generation that practice on holding a screwdriver :-)


Project completed!


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