Here a cheap, quick and easy mod , but very important especially if you are into water crossing…


You can get a Diff breathers kit on ebay 40-100 USD, I went to the local hardware store and got:


4 X Swivel elbow 1/8 BSP male to 6mm push fitting



4 X strait female 1/8 BSP to 6mm push fitting





4 X  Airline silencer male 1/8 BSP





4 meters of 6mm PU Air line





You will also need:


Mount (I used a piece of aluminum angle scrap I had laying around)


Fitting sealant or Teflon tape


I started with Rear Diff :


  1. Disconnect factory rubber hose from the diff fitting and from chassis.


      2. Using a 12mm wrench unscrew factory diff fitting and replace with Swivel elbow, make sure you clean the fitting area before you unscrew it and apply fitting sealant or Teflon tape on the Swivel elbow.




       3. Connect the PU air line to the elbow fitting and route airline along the chassis rail until engine bay close to firewall.

       4. Connect silencer to strait push fitting through the holes you pre-drilled on the aluminum angle, don’t forget to apply fitting sealant.    

          (since the angle I had was 3mm thick I had to remove some material around the holes using a milling machine in-order to enable a good fit between the silencer and the fitting)

      5. Connect aluminum angle to firewall, I used an existing bolt on firewall.



     6. Cut air line to length and connect to push fitting on firewall. Make sure you leave enough slack on the diff side.




Repeat for front diff.


The 2 remaining fittings are to be used for the central diff and gearbox breathers, that on the next story.


  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. You are welcome, I will be sharing the gearbox and transfer case breathers extension soon,

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