If you have a citroen 2CV, and you are planning an off road adventure, it is most recommended you will install a guard for the oil sump.

I was browsing the internet looking for ideas and inspiration for a design I like, and found this “ICI COMMENCE L’ADVENTURE” 2cv PO preparation guide from May 1984 which include great tips and information about a 2CV preparation for REAL off road action.

This guide also included a design for a skid plate based on using T shaped steel profiles.


I preferred something lighter, that will give a better protection, so I decided to plan a 4mm aluminum skid plate that will protect not only the oil sump but also the lower part of the front chassis.

The plate is designed for installation using M8 bolts, fitting the original holes in the chassis so not drilling or punching your beloved chassis is required..

When drawing, I took into consideration also leaving maintenance holes for the engine brackets and the oil draining bolt.

After few days of planning and measuring – the planning was done and I sent the skid plate files for laser cutting.

Feel free to download these files here.

Few more days and I got the plate.. looking good!


Now it was installation time!

Looking good.

Ever since the installation, I did several trips which the skid plate was suffering some abuse…

But still in great shape, and kept my 2cv safe and running!


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