Citroen 2CV chassis have few weak spots that needs to be attended, especially is you are planning an off road adventure.

It is most recommended to reinforce the chassis before your take your 2cv off-road and I choose to begin with the front part of the chassis, where it carries the engine one side and the passenger’s weight on the other.

This weak spot made few cars to break (!) in the middle, so a special reinforcement is required.

In order to take measures, I began with a carton template I cut in the shape of the chassis.


then, the template was measured and a CAD fabrication file was created and sent to CNC manufacturing.

Feel free to download these files here.

When the parts returned, I drilled few rivets holes.


I decided to attach the reinforcement plates to the chassis by Steele rivets and not by welding in order not to weaken the chassis.

IMG_1751 (1)

Pay attention that Steele rivets require a dedicated Steele rivet gun (air tool preferred).

Rust never sleeps!

While reinforcing the chassis, it was a good opportunity for me to replace a floor panel that became rusted…





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