avner roof top tent

The following project attracted my mind for quite some time, mainly because I get bored quite easily and perhaps because I just hate spending time setting up a tent when the day ends and the beer awaits in my fridge. What’s is it about? The tent’s floor will be established with two wooden plates, interconnected Read More


DIY Baby  barbeque smoker project After many hours of research on Google, YouTube and consulting with my friends, I decided to go for a Baby barbeque smoker style called “reverse flow offset”. You can see the figures, the distribution of temperatures in both types of designs. Central braces (3-5 mm) absorbs heat and radiates it Read More


As many of you know my daughter is an insulin dependent (type 1) diabetic. If her insulin gets warm it stops working. Today I built a solar powered generator. It will if necessary power an ARB 12v refrigerator if we have a prolonged power outage at home. It will also work as a power station Read More

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