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Two and a half minutes after I sold my Subaru BRZ started looking for replacement. the Subaru was no doubt a great car, but unfortunately she had a very serious problem for me. It was too expensive. I found myself driving gently, Each leaf resting on its roof sent me to the car wash. I Read More


The building story of Wothahellizat 2: Design Criteria: This is a brief description of the design criteria we have for our motorhome. There were three basic requirements, these being, 1. To be comfortable to live in for long periods of time (years). 2. Be able to boldly go where few motorhomes have gone before. Which Read More


Citroen 2CV chassis have few weak spots that needs to be attended, especially is you are planning an off road adventure. It is most recommended to reinforce the chassis before your take your 2cv off-road and I choose to begin with the front part of the chassis, where it carries the engine one side and Read More


If you have a citroen 2CV, and you are planning an off road adventure, it is most recommended you will install a guard for the oil sump. I was browsing the internet looking for ideas and inspiration for a design I like, and found this “ICI COMMENCE L’ADVENTURE” 2cv PO preparation guide from May 1984 Read More

Are that you a undergraduate and you are therefore running out of a moment possess a dissertation to share? Once you are likely concerned the fact that the application payment date would meet up with that you till you might have going blogging the dissertation. Have to to be concerned any more as is available Read More


As many of you know my daughter is an insulin dependent (type 1) diabetic. If her insulin gets warm it stops working. Today I built a solar powered generator. It will if necessary power an ARB 12v refrigerator if we have a prolonged power outage at home. It will also work as a power station Read More

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