On board air system are much more than tire inflation, this can be achieved with a decent portable compressor, but if you want an air gun or power tool you will need a good on board air system that will supply a good air flow (at least 2.0 CFM)


Market Solutions

The best solution i found was a dual compressor on board air kit sold my viair (, they have all the products you’ll ever need for for air solutions, starting from portable compressor to full-blown kits providing enough flow to fire you power tool and air inflators.

the problem for me was that these kits are pretty expensive and adding shipping to Israel to the price tag will make this purchase not cost affective.


My Solution

I decided to go with a combination of viair quality products and the fact that i had already 2 mid quality compressors in my possession.

I own 2 compressors, both have a 150 Max PSI and 33% cycle duty, these are Mid quality compressors but they will do for now.

A 2 Gallon Viair air tank,was purchased from a local dealer,  with max capacity of 200 PSI.

the pressure regulator and manifold were also ordered via Viair.

the rest of the fittings, air lines and pressure hoses were purchased in stores that specialize in air pressure components, these stores can be found in almost any industrial area near you…


In my 110 i have a drawers system to hold all my stuff, i used the back compartment to hold the air tank and compressors.


I needed to built all the electrical harnesses from scratch, each compressor has it own relay and is connected to the pressure switch located on the Tank.

the switch cuts the power at 145 PSI and returns on 110 PSI, way below the tank max pressure.



The pressure regulator and the air manifold where installed on the rear passenger side for best access, i built a mount that connects to the rear seat.



Testing Results:

  1. The air gun blow all that dust i had on the back seat from my last off road adventure… :)

  2. From 0 PSI to 30 PSI it took the system less than a minute to inflate.

  3. From 20 PSI to 30 PSI it took 10 seconds, this is the case where you deflate air for sand driving etc…

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