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Fabricator.cc – Inspiring, informing and connecting off road enthusiasts, DIY fabricators and professionals around the globe!

Fabricator is a pioneer global hub where off road enthusiasts, DIY fabricators and professionals can meet and share their products & projects as well as their knowledge and experience.

Fabricator is a place for you to share your product fabrication files and drawings, or to sell them and enjoy a passive income.

With fabricator you can share your interesting projects, plans and products photos. You the can ask the community members and professionals for advice or just browse for fun in other fabricator’s project and photos.

Get inspired with our fabricators projects and build stories or share the community with a story of your own.

Our goal is to set an alternative for the expensive brands “shelf products”, so everyone can upgrade their ride for a reasonable price and get their dream project.

Every product you consider downloading include the required skills icons so you can determine if you have the required DIY fabrication skills or maybe use a professional fabricator near you.

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